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Dr. Sande Okelo, MD, PhD

Dr. Sande Okelo's journey with asthma began both as a patient and as a parent of a child with the condition. This personal experience has driven him to become a passionate advocate for asthma patients, especially vulnerable children. His pioneering research is dedicated to enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of severe pediatric asthma using innovative, patient-centered, and culturally tailored digital tools.


As a nationally recognized expert in asthma care, Dr. Okelo has extensively lectured on pediatric asthma diagnosis and treatment and has authored numerous influential peer-reviewed articles. He serves as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Director of Clinical Research, and Chief of the Division of Pulmonology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Additionally, he leads the UCLA Pediatric Asthma Center, where his leadership continues to transform asthma care.


Before joining UCLA in 2011, Dr. Okelo was an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University, where he also directed the Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Exercise Program. His journey began with a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University, a medical degree from Case Western Reserve University, a Pediatrics residency at Oakland Children's Hospital, a Pediatric Pulmonology fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Investigation from the Johns Hopkins-Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Dr. Okelo’s blend of personal experience, extensive training, and research expertise positions him uniquely to lead advancements in asthma care, ensuring better health outcomes for children everywhere.

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