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Our Impact

We elevate patient well-being.

Outstanding Health Outcomes

Benefits to Asthma Patients.png

Change in percentage of patients who reported better health outcomes 12-months after intervention.

Unparalleled Patient Experience


“Exceptional satisfaction on the quality of care”

Asthma patients and parents of asthma patients expressed profound trust and endorsement.

Protection from Pollution


"This is my guardian angel to protect me"

We reduced pollution exposure among asthma patients and their families in one of the nation’s most polluted areas.

Increase Medication Adherence


"I felt empowered to prevent an emergency"

We enhanced medication use among underserved English and Chinese-speaking asthma patients.

Catalyze Proactive Care

Preventive Care.png

"My antennas are raised on how I should feel"

We catalyzed proactive care and self-management among underserved Black and Latino patients.

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